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15-17 May 2017 : 7th International conference on computational methods in marine engineering (MARINE 2017) - Nantes, France

15-17 May 2017 : K-Epsilon attended and presented a paper at MARINE 2017 conference in Nantes, France

Conference web page

Scientific papers presented :

Geometric model for automated multi-objective optimization of foils

35th Americas Cup: K-Epsilon works for Groupama Team France

K-Foil Project started

The K-Foil project started. The project involves :

3-4 October 2016 : 19th "Numerical Towing Tank Symposium" (NuTTS 16) - Nantes, France

3-4 October 2016 : K-Epsilon attended the 19th "Numerical Towing Tank Symposium" (NuTTS 16) conference in Nantes, France

Conference web page

Scientific papers presented :

Simulation validation of a tidal turbine : comparison to Southampton’s experiment

Fortissimo Project started

The European project Fortissimo started ! Web page of the projet
The project's partners are :

Project overview

19-21 October 2015 : "Structural Membranes 2015: Textile Composites and Inflatable Structures" - Barcelona, Spain

19-21 October 2015 : K-Epsilon will attend the "Structural Membranes 2015: Textile Composites and Inflatable Structures" conference in Barcelona, Spain

K-Epsilon will attend "Hydrodynamics and simulation applied to inland waterway and port approaches" - Paris, France

K-Epsilon will attend the Hydrodynamics and simulation applied to inland waterway and port approaches conference in Paris, France from 18 to 19 November 2015

K-Epsilon attended Marine 2015, 15-17 June - Rome, Italy

K-Epsilon attended Marine 2015 in Rome, Italy the 15-17 June

Scientific papers presented :

Numerical study of VIV over a flexible riser

Performance evaluation of a downwind sail. Comparison of two automatic trimming procedures : Steady and Completely Dynamic method

K-EPSILON attended Thetis-EMR, 20-21 May - Nantes, France

K-EPSILON attended Thetis EMR in Nantes the 20, 21 May 2015

K-Epsilon attended OTC 2015 - Huston, USA

K-Epsilon attended OTC 2015 in Huston

K-EPSILON attended HPYD5, 8-12 March 2015 - Auckland, New-Zealand

K-Epsilon attended HPYD5 in Auckland, New-Zealand the 8-12 March 2015

Scientific papers presented :
Sail trimming FSI simulation - Comparison of viscous and inviscid flow models to optimize upwind sails trim, [Paper PDF] [Presentation PDF]

Euromaritime 2015 - Paris, France

K-EPSILON attended the business show Euromaritime 2015 in Paris, France

K-EPSILON attended 14ème Journées de l'Hydrodynamique, 2014 - Val de Reuil, France

K-EPSILON attended 14ème Journées de l'Hydrodynamique, 2014 in Val de Reuil, France

Euronaval 2014 - Paris, France

K-EPSILON attended the Euronaval business show in Paris

K-EPSILON attended SMM 2014 - Hambourg, Germany

K-EPSILON attended SMM 2014 in Hambourg, Germany

K-EPSILON attended Monaco Yacht Show 2014 - Monaco

K-EPSILON attended OMAE 2014 - San Francisco, USA

K-EPSILON attended OMAE 2014 in San Francisco, USA

URABAÏLA Project started

15th FUI URABAÏLA started.

The project's partners are :

  • BERTIN Technologies
  • EDF
  • UFO-Boat
  • Energie de la Lune
  • GPMB
  • EPOC
  • M2P2

K-EPSILON attended Monaco Yacht Show 2013 - Monaco

K-EPSILON attended Innov'Sail 2013 - Lorient, France

K-EPSILON attended Innov'Sail 2013 in Lorient

Scientific papers presentation (list of papers)

K-EPSILON attended Marine 2013 - Hamburg, Germany

K-EPSILON attended Marine2013 in Hamburg.

3 scientific papers were presented : Fluid-structure interaction analysis of an hydrofoil, Numerical study of two olympic racing canoes in presence of lateral wind, Bulbous bow shape optimization (list of papers)

K-EPSILON attended OMAE 2013 - Nantes, France

Ocean, Offshore and Artic Engineering Division of AMSE International Petroleum Technology Institute

Scientific paper presentation : Dynamics of entrapped water in large diameter turret moonpools (list of papers)

K-EPSILON attended EuroMaritime 2013 - Paris, France

Meet us at EuroMaritime the 5, 6 and 7th of Feburary in Paris (Parc des Expositions, porte de Versailles)

K-EPSILON attended 13ème JOURNEE DE L'HYDRODYNAMIQUE, 2012 - Nantes, France

K-Epsilon attended HPYD 2012 - Auckland, New Zealand

High Performance Yacht Design conference - HPYD -  2012 Conference

Luna Rossa Challenge 2013 uses FINE/Marine

The Italian team Luna Rossa Challenge 2013 uses FINE/Marine to prepare for the upcoming America's Cup.

RINA Events 2012

The Royal Institution of Naval Architects

Events 2012

8 - 9 June 2011 SEAGITAL workshop about Fishing Vessels Project HALIEUKITE

K-Epsilon is the project leader for HALIEU KITE: Study the use of a Kite (wing curve or inflatable chamber of area) as a means of propulsion for fishing vessels. The project goal is to develop simulation tools for aero elastic modeling of a sail in motion in order to quantify the propulsive force that generates and quantify the gains in fuel it is able to provide boats fishing.

June 2011 BUREAU MAURIC bought FINE/Marine

The aim was always to liaise closely with Bureau Mauric throughout an assignement - from consulting services until a full integration of the software FINE/Marine for in house use.

21 - 24 September 2011 MONACO YACHT SHOW

K-EPSILON will lauch its latest solution dedicated to Motor yacht  called  "Green Yacht".

The concept "Green Yacht" is based on computation of  ship's drag in order to quantitfy the impact of the refit. :

-  save gas comssuption up to 15%

- higher confort

- noise and vibration reduction

Using CFD for hull optimization can improve the flow around the hull by reducing the wave making and

consequetently lowering the required power.

15 - 17 November 2011 METS SHOW - Amsterdam

K-EPSILON will attend the show to present her kwow-how in hydro-aerodynamic.

We cooperate with leadind ship designers, consulting naval architects, and shipyards all over the world.

July 2011 FINE/Marine SEMINAR at our headquarter

To attend to a seminar at our headquarter in Sophia-Antipolis, please feel free to contact us :

Emirates Team New Zealand choose FINE/Marine for the next America's Cup

February 2011. Emirates Team New Zealand, challenger of the next America's Cup choose FINETM/Marine software

K-EPSILON sponsors a Team Match Racing

June 2010 We are happy ton inform you that K-Epsilon sponsors a Team Match Racing. We wish them fun and succes !

7 – 10 September 2010 : SMM - Hamburg, Germany


7 – 10 September 2010
Hamburg, Germany

30 June - 1st July 2010 : Innov'Sail


30 June - 1st July 2010
Lorient, France

May 01, 2010 I CIMER, Toulon, France: The Vessel of the Future

Following the Sea Interministerial Committee (CIMER) held in December 2009, the competent committees have validated The Vessel of the Future as the heart of the Grenelle of the Sea.  An ad hoc group in which K-Epsilon is committed, dedicated to the vessel of the future, has been set up, with a Research Orientation and Innovation similar to what exists in the aeronautic field. Topics suggested are energy savings, liquid, solid and gaseous discharge treatment as well as security.

April 10, 2010 I Valencia, Spain: Meet up with Jason Ker

Yann Roux met Jason Ker in Valencia to discuss about the recent developments of K-Epsilon:  Automatic computation (the hydro and aero results directly from the CAO file), unsteady FSI and automatic form design optimization.

Article in BUSINESS & TECHNO published in June 2010

To read the artcile, please download the PDF file.

December 15, 2009 I World Yacht Racing Forum, Monaco: Speaker at the Design and Technology

Yann Roux has been invited to The Design and Technology Symposium as a speaker. He presented how CFD can help today Designers, both architects and sail makers.

November 20, 2009 I SMART, La Spezia, Italy: Invited by the Italian Trade Commission –ShipYard Sector

K-Epsilon has been invited by the ICE (The Italian Trade Commission) to participate to SMART 2009 the 5th Vessel, Technologies and Shipyard sector International Event held in La Spezia. This show was a good opportunity for us to meet in a one to one situation international companies.

November 7, 2009 I Brussels: User Meeting at NUMECA International for software FINE/Marine

K-Epsilon presented a high quality paper to an audience of Numeca users showing their customized add-on tools linked to the software FINE/Marine®.  

May 18, 2009 I Paris, France: Strategic Partner with BULBE Project – Fisheries Sector

K-Epsilon is the main partner of the architect Jean & Fresca for the BULBE project: Tool parametric numerical simulation to optimize the bow bulbs. The project BULB campaign is aimed at reducing resistance to advancing free surface, an area that has not been researched so far in the fisheries sector, the stability criteria and traction propeller being dominant to increase fishing capacity.