Coupling FINE/Marine & ABAQUS

Hobie Wild Cat

Unsteady dynamic stability of two gennakers

Hull resistance

Ready to tack

Fish Race

Towed wing

Self propulsion


K-EPSILON is a leader in the application of numerical simulation to strongly-coupled fluid-structure interaction and CFD.

K-Epsilon is an expert in the simulation of hydrodynamics and aerodynamics for the marine, offshore, renewable energy, yachting and aerospace sectors.

K-Epsilon has developed its own fluid-structure interaction software, K-FSI to iimprove the physical accuracy of the solution of offshore, renewable energy, naval and aerospace applications where the structure's deformation should be accounted for. 

k-epsilon sectors

K-Epsilon solutions for Different sectors 

K-Epsilon can provide tailor-made solutions for a large variety of sectors from the marine and aerospace universes.
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