Automatic optimization

K-EPSILON has developped powerfull tools to perform automatic shape optimization of hulls, mast or appendages such as bulbous bows or rudders.
These optimization tools are not limited to marine shape optimization and can be used to efficiently optimize virtually any set of design parameters (control parameters, structure characteristics, etc). The choice of design parameters to consider is key element in a successful optimization study. K-Epsilon can help you chose the parameters to optimize to maximize the performance gains while minimizing the number of parameters to be studied so as to keep the study size and cost reasonable.
K-EPSILON can perform numerous kinds of dynamic simulations and provide a wealth of data and results to the customer. It can be prediction of ship resistance. seakeeping behavor, towed stability, power prediction, slamming, resistance of materials, structure deformation, design optimisation and many other applications can be benefit from fully unsteady simulation

Bulb Optimization
Automatic bulb optimization
performed by K-Epsilon with FINE/Marine.
Bidimensional mast optimization 
Automatic 2D mast optimization for Groupama 4
RANSE computations performed with FINE/Marine.
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