CFD and fluid-structure interaction computations consulting are the principal activities of K-Epsilon.
We can realise a range of consulting services ranging from simple CFD computations services, full service expertise and analyisis, hydrodynamic design.  or even integrated collaboration with the customer to find the best solution.  

K-EPSILON offers advanced and customized consulting (special arrangements to meet your specific requirements in terms of confidentiality, NDA), with unique expertise in the field of complex CFD/FSI analysis, design, and optimization:

- Define and assessment with a detailed report (ROI)
- Optimize your new product designs
- Provide you solutions using best in class commercial and "in house"" tools and solutions to fit your challenging needs
- Research and technical analysis for customized/alternatives
- Flexible license arrangements to answer your specific needs
- Custom application developments

How to contact ?
Please contact our engineering service team using the button above for more information on our consulting services.

Working with a network of R&D and specialist partners, K-EPSILON consulting provides best practices and top-level expertise to help you fully adopt and integrate K-EPSILON's technology and software solutions for design innovation and business operational excellence.

Learn how our team of consulting experts can help you in the following industries:
Consulting Offerings for Offshore Oil & Gas
In the offshore and marine sector, K-EPSILON delivers trusted, cost-efficient design solutions. We undertake elements of projects on a task-by-task basis, combining our service with those of the client or other parties involved. K-Epsilon's engineering and design team uses the latest computer aided software.  Whilst our core activities are focused on subsea pipeline vortex-induced vibration (VIV), towed seismic systems, turret sloshing,  semi-submersibles, FPSO’s, FLNG and other floating offshore installations, we have the skills, expertise and tools available to undertake other complex structural, aerodynamic and hydrodynamic simulations.

Consulting Offerings for Ship Building & Naval
Using cutting edge solver technology, K-Epsilon’s customers have been able to tackle some of the most demanding problems that the marine industry has to offer, allowing engineers and designers to predict how designs will react in operation before budget is committed to the construction of expensive prototypes or the final full scale construction. Recent successes include: sea keeping, slamming, sloshing; wave and wind loading on offshore and underwater structures; pollution dispersion; power prediction, cavitation control and propulsion system optimization.. Recent regulatory rules (EEDI & EEXI, CI) have imposed new greenhouse emissions reduction objectives on the marine industry. K-Epsilon can assist both naval architects and ship owners to navigate and conform to these regulations. K-Epsilon's expertise and performance prediction tools can help objectively evaluate energy saving devices such as wind-assisted propulsion, propulsion efficiency devices, bulb or propeller replacement, drag reduction techniques and optimise vessel performance. K-Epsilon can use its extensive experience in resistance and powering prediction to compute and optimize the reference speed used in EEXI and avoid needlessly depowering existing vessels.  

Consulting Offerings for Yachts & Yachting
We work with naval architects, chief designers, engineers, and firms both locally and worldwide to manage change throughout the project lifecycle, and help you optimize the performance of your design while reducing risk. K-Epsilon offers a wide range of aerodynamic expertise such as windage. exhaust smoke studies, insuarance claims expertise for dismasting and other incidents, as well as upwind and downwind sail performance. Our expertise in yacht hydrodynamics covers appendage design and analysis, VPP matrices, powering predicition, seakeeping, propeller cavitation and vibration,

K-Epsilon's K-FSI tool was specifically created with yacht FSI for sails and appendages in mind. The integration of KFSI-SAIL with the sail design tool SailPack allows us to easily consider the real sail's structure. K-Epsilon is located on the Cote D'Azur. Our naval architects can provide a range of classification and hydrostatic stability services such as generating 3D models from plans, lightship checks. incline tests, updates to stability books, and yacht static charter safety studies.

Consulting Offerings for Renewable Energy
We work with designers to tap fluid energy (capturing the wind and harnessing water In motion) for high-performance renewable energy solutions (analysis and optimization), help you speed up your design process, and accelerate time to revenue while reducing design risk. CFD and FSI analysis brings their own type of power to the renewable energy push, replicating and predicting results with a higher fidelity than that of commonly used design tools for systems that extract energy from the wind, rivers, oceans, and sun. K-Epsilon has experience in each off these fields. Whether its aerodynamic studies on solar panel arrays to reduce the risk of aerodynamic flutter and optimise the structure or hydrodynamic studies evaluating the performance of tidal turbines, you can benefit from K-Epsilon's extensive experience on a wide range of renewable energy solutions.

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