Fluid-Structure Interaction Solution Suite

Unsteady Fluid Structure Interaction computation
K-FSI: The Strongly Coupled FSI solution

K-Epsilon developed the fluid-structure tool K-FSI specifically to handle difficult FSI problems that other existing solutions are not able to resolve. The product of over 15 years of continous development, K-FSI can handle unsteady FSI problems in an efficient and robust manner. As the developers of K-FSI, K-Epsilon can rapidly adopt K-FSI to have new capabilites perfectly suited to your specific needs.


Viscous Flow FSI Solution: K-FSI

K-Epsilon developed the fluid-structure tool K-FSI for viscous flow FSI with commercial CFD solvers. This tool is packaged as:
- K-Struct an unsteady, non-linear finite element structure solver
- Regrid, a fast, parallel fluid volume mesh deformation tool
- The coupling algorithm to have a deep and strong coupling to the CFD software

K-FSI have been coupled with the major CFD fluid solvers on the market including:

- FINE/Marine
- Fluent
- OpenFOAM.

With K-FSI we can realise fluid-structure interaction computations around sails,  kites, hydrofoils, risers, spools, towed and mooring systems, wind turbine blades and many other flexible structures.

SailPack and K-SFI SAIL
Potential Flow FSI Solution: K-FSI SAIL

K-Epsilon developped K-FSI SAIL. This tool is packages as:
- K-Struct an unsteady, non-linear finite element structure solver
- Avanti a thin panel method fluid solver with robust vortex particle wake method

K-FSI SAIL is integrated into SailPack. and permits sail designers to effortlessly realise fluid-structure computation for upwind sails.
BSG Development is the editor of the SailPack sail design solution,
BSG is also responsible for commercialising the K-FSI SAIL package, the training and also the support..

Flexible plate in a cross-flow

K-Epsilon realized the coupling between FINE/Marine and ABAQUS:
- Unsteady coupling between the two solver
- Mesh deformation

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- Developer Assistance
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