Sail boat performance

The K-EPSILON solution provides global aerodynamics and hydrodynamics, powerful tools and customized studies to simulate complex projects for the best performance of their yachts

- Unsteady sail and appendage fluid-structure interaction for upwind and downwind sailing conditions.
- Automatic triming of sails (genoa, spinaker, A0,..) to find their best performance, in upwind and downwind conditions
- Hydro and aero VPP input data
- Simulating behavior in waves for seakeeping and slamming


Few examples .

Comparison of two Gennakers
Unsteady RANSE computation on two gennakers (from Incidence Sails).
Sailpack was used to design the two sails. Computation were performed with K-FSI using the coupling between FINE™/Marine and K-Struct.
The video shows the unsteady mesh deformation around the sails performed by K-FSI.
Sail tack comparison
K-EPSILON realized the dynamic fluid-structure interaction computation of a J80 undergoing a tack.
IRENav realized an experimental campaign in which they measured the motions of a J80 with 3D motion tracking as well as the loading of the backstay, D1, and stay.
They also measured the motions of the main sail using a camera at the top of the mast.
In this movie we compare the motions of the sail in the reference frame of the camera.
For the computation we imposed the movements of the yacht measured by the motion tracking system.
Hobie wild cat
Wave simulation of the 2010 F18 World champion for Hobie Wild Cat.
RANSE CFD simulation perfomed with FINE™/Marine, with automatic grid  refinement. More than 30 hulls were tested in partnership with the naval architect Martin Fisher to find the optimum design. .
Float Groupama 3 with daggerboard
Unsteady RANSE computation performed the float of Groupama 3 with daggerboard

Yachts architects:
VPLP, N. Irens,J. M. Finot, M. Lombard, B. Cabaret, M. Fischer

""Naval architects are nowadays very familiar with numerical simulation which helps them in the design of efficient and thrifty racing yachts. K-Epsilon’s unique expertise and their customized tools enabled our team to easily take advantage of complex CFD project. The experts do a really good job !"" Loïc Dorez Project Manager of Groupama 

The K-EPSILON solution provides powerful, global aerodynamic and hydrodynamic tools and customized studies to simulate complex projects for the best performance of their yachts.  

The use of the commercial CFD software FINE/Marine, along with powerful in-house tools from K-EPSILON, allows our customers to analyze unsteady hydrodynamic and aerodynamic flows phenomenon. CFD has allowed our customers to obtain a competitive edge in an application area where small performance improvements result in significant time gains.

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Value-Delivered to the Racing Yacht Industry:
- Groupama
- Hobie Wild Cat F18
- Sodebo
- Sodebo Bis
- J80
- J80 Bis
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