Renewable energy

K-EPSILON´s customized tools can be used to provide tangible benefits to a range of renewable energy applications, including wind, wave and tidal applications.

K-EPSILON provides hydrodynamic, aerodynamic hydrodynamic, aerodynamic and fluid-structure modeling services appropriate for these applications :
-Power curves
-Unsteady gust response
-Behavior in waves
-Device wake interaction
-Rotor blade fluid-structure interaction

K-EPSILON is active in the renewable energy market in two areas:

- Enhancement of existing systems
- Strategic

Existing units are being reviewed and studied with the focus on how to improve their efficiency with respect to:
Wind and wave & tidal applications , emissions, etc.
In addition, K-EPSILON has a program to invest in new areas like wave, wind, current, and other sources of energy. In this program, K-EPSILON is starting to test the efficiency of a new type of energy generation system. Indeed, The K-EPSILON solution and expertise team are looking for research partners in this domain. K-EPSILON Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Flow Modeling software and customized tools can be used to provide tangible benefits to a range of renewable energy applications.  K-EPSILON provides modeling services appropriate for these applications.

Customer references
Customer references

Few examples .

FSI on solar panel suspending
FSI on Solar panel suspending, company TSE (2022/ 2023)
K-Epsilon collaborated with TSE between 2020 and 2022 to realize Fluid-Structure Interaction to simulate the vibration of the system induced by the vortex shedding on the solar panels for some angle of attack .
FSI on the tidal turbine
R&D Project, PHD K-Epsilon / INSA Corentin Lothode ( 2020)
Fluid-structure interaction solution adapted to turbine blade vibration. Computation is made with K-FSI software (coupling between FINE™/Marine and K-struct). The video shows the unsteady mesh deformation around the blades performed by K-FSI.
Darrius tidal marine URABAILA
URABAILA R&D FUI PROJECT with Bertin Technologie (2016)
Unsteady RANSE computation of a darrius tidal turbine, with sliding grid rotating mesh,
This study was part of the FUI 15 project “URABAILA” with Bertin Technologie. The tidal turbine shown in this video is designed by Bertin Technologie .
Tidal marine SABELLA
RANSE computation on Sabella
K-Epsilon 2D and 3D RANSE computation on the tidal Sabella. .
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